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Building a United Community

The terms “social communities” and “social networks” have been around long ago. Believe it or not, the first usage of “social network” predates the invention of the Internet by well over a century. We often hear these buzzwords used interchangeably, but they are actually two specific types of social media. 

Social Networks

Everyone has their own social network composed of friends, families, and people he or she is acquainted with. An online social networking site makes our social networks visible to others who are not in our immediate network. The features that distinguish a social network from a community are that people are held together by pre-established personal relationships, and the connections are built one at a time.

Social Communities

Unlike social networks, communities usually consist of people from all walks of life who seem to have no relationship at all. The glue that holds community members together is a common interest or cause. PIKADISH is an online social community where people share their passion for local restaurants. Like-minded customers learn, post, share and hang out in our social community. Without communities, social networks are merely glorified phonebooks and contact lists.

Positioning and defining your brand in our social community will better the chances your social network will reveal personal stories that invite participation and create shared experiences with other social networks. It is within these shared experiences that purposeful connections between the brand and consumers can take shape. Shared purpose is the bridge between the brand promise and brand purpose; ultimately, it is what the brand and customer aspire to create together.

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