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FOOD is the universal language. The fluency of how we can share our passions, our love, and our culture with one another is on a plate, in a bowl, or even stuffed in a bag. We gather around it to laugh, to play, to remember, and to celebrate. It is effortless to explain how food is a social catalyst. It is easy to state that food is a joy to share. It is simple to agree that food is how we show others who we are and where we came from. It is our heritage, our story, and our life. But, what do you want for dinner tonight? 

The great debate of what to eat could become rather complicated with so many different options readily available to us. The process is time-consuming and could become overwhelming. Ultimately, who has time for that? That is why we created PIKADISH. Think of it as “Pick A Dish” or “Pic A Dish”. Either way is fine because we do all of that. PIKADISH is the hub to the most delicious grub in your city. It is the concierge you could tuck away in your pocket.

PIKADISH is designed to tailor itself to your preferences and the preferences of your social circle.  It is constructed to gather the people who are important to you and promote the exploration of flavors and culture your city has to offer.

the team

The team behind this fascinating digital food adventure complies with experts from a diverse range of industries. This handpicked crew was meticulously put together to craft you the most unique food exploration experience.

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